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Universidade de São Paulo, Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture

Type of InstitutionState University
Year Established1934
DepartmentsAgriculture, Engineering, Traditional Music, Medicine, Philosophy, Pharmacology, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Public Health, Construction, City Planning, Education, Economics, Business, Animal Husbandry, Food Processing
Student Body Size3,432 students (Undergraduate: 2,193 / Graduate: 1,239)
Exchange Students Admitted71 students (From Japan: 1)
Exchange Students Sent Abroad197 students (To Japan: 1)

Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia

Type of InstitutionFederal University
Year Established1945
DepartmentsAgriculture, Environmental Restoration Energy Engineering, Surveyance Mapping Engineering, Fisheries Engineering, Forest Engineering, Informatics, Veterinary Science, Information Systems, Animal Husbandry, Business, Biology, Accounting
Student Body Size5,432 Students (Undergraduate students 5.024 / Graduate Students: 334)
Exchange Students Admitted3 Students (1 Japanese)
Exchange Students Sent Abroad45 Students (To Japan: 3 - 2 undergraduate, 1 master)

Universidad Autónoma Chapingo

Type of InstitutionNational University
Year Established1854
Departments13 unique departments including Depts. of Tropical Areas, Agroecology, Botany, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Irrigation, Agricultural Parasitology, Rural Sociology, Soil Science, Forest Science, Agro-Industry, Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Agricultural Sociology
Student Body Size6,800 students (Undergraduate: 6,120 / Graduate: 719)
Exchange Students Admitted90 students
Exchange Students Sent Abroad140 students (To Japan: 5)

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina

Type of InstitutionNational University
Year Established1902
Departments1 School of Agriculture 2 School of Science 3 School of Forestry
4 School of Economics 5 School of Food Science and Technology
6 School of Agricultural Engineering 7 School of Fisheries
8 School of Animal Husbandry
Student Body Size6,395 students (Undergraduate: 5,137 / Graduate: 1,258)
Exchange Students Admitted15 students (From Japan: 1)
Exchange Students Sent Abroad6 students (To Japan: 5)