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A Message from the President

This year our university celebrates its 125th anniversary. Our founder Viscount Takeaki Enomoto learned advanced European science and technology and international law through studies abroad in Europe. As a prominent international citizen and scientist of the Meiji Period, he held roles including Minister of Education and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Meiji Government. While he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Viscount Enomoto established the “Department of Immigration” and devised the first immigration plan for Japanese citizens to relocate to Mexico. That plan later expanded to include immigration to countries in continental South America such as Peru and Brazil.
The thoughts of our global-minded founder serve as the basis for the Re-Inventing Japan Project. This project aspires to make dreams into reality and help global society live side by side together, heeding the proverb used by Viscount Enomoto “Adventure is the best teacher.”

A Message from the Director of the Center for International Programs

Tokyo University of Agriculture is working to foster leaders committed to resolving issues of food, agriculture, and environment. This project features internships that allow our students to gain experience through assignments at farms and agricultural product processing plants managed by university alumni in Central and South America, where a large number of our alumni are actively engaged in their communities. For students coming from abroad, it also provides experience with the Sixth Industrialization (Working to make agriculture into more than mere primary industry, by integrating secondary industries such as processing, and tertiary industries including sales and services, to evolve it into an all-encompassing industry) happening in Japanese agriculture. With our educational research philosophy of “Practical Learning” we will develop human resources with the talent to be successful globally.