Program Outcomes

  • Program Outcomes

Ever since the launch of Re-inventing Japan Project (RJP) in 2015, the number of long-term (one or two semesters) student exchanges has drastically increased between Tokyo NODAI and the four partner universities in Latin America. Tokyo NODAI has been able to receive a total of 23 students over the past four years from Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. These students were able to deepen their understanding of Japanese agriculture through specialized classes, internships, Japanese language studies, interaction with Japanese students in their respective laboratories, and visits to agricultural facilities. For the final academic year of this project, we are expecting to receive 10 more students.

We have high hopes that these students will share their experiences in Japan in their home countries and become the bridge between Japan and Latin America in the near future.

In order to examine how RJP has had effects on the students professionally and personally, we have conducted a survey. The most noteworthy results are presented below.

Long-Term Program (6 months ~ 1 year)

Japanese level BEFORE coming to Japan

Japanese level AFTER coming to Japan

Did your study abroad experience make you more marketable for employment when you were looking for a job?

*Students who did not answer this question are still enrolled in undergraduate studies and have not looked for employment.

Did you acquire the characteristics or skills below through study abroad?