Short-Term Program

In Japan, learning programs will cover subjects from discovering issues in the field to innovative solutions.

Our Short-Term Program Activities In Japan include, without limiting to:
-Lectures on specialized subjects and student exchanges at local partner universities,
-Visits to Japanese agricultural and healthcare companies, including JICA,
-Food and nutrition intake survey and agricultural survey in Japan.


Due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, details for FY2021 have not yet been determined. Information will be posted as soon as it is determined.

Long-Term Exchange Program

For African students, this is a program for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience on food, agriculture and nutrition in Japan on a long-term basis, and who wish to study in Japan. Students are dispatched to Tokyo University of Agriculture for a period of 6 months to less than a year. For more information about the long-term exchange program at Tokyo University of Agriculture, please refer to the following page.


About Tokyo NODAI

Tokyo University of Agriculture

Tokyo University of Agriculture

(Tokyo NODAI)

Brief Statement Description Tokyo University of Agriculture (Tokyo NODAI) was founded in 1891 from the Tokugawa Ikueiko School, as its forerunner, which was devoted exclusively to agriculture. Based upon our educational principle of “ returning man to the farm” and fostering human resources for entry into the business community in addition to the universityʼs core field of “Agriculture” with its 129-year history, the institution has now evolved into a comprehensive agricultural university perfectly positioned to solve a wide range of issues related to food, environment, health and biomass energy. These issues are addressed through our three graduate schools of Agriculture, Applied Bioscience and Bioindustry constituting 23 departments on our three campuses which cover a vast geographical region extending from subtropical (South) to temperate (North) climate conditions. Thus, Tokyo NODAI offers a unique education and research environment to address humankind problems both locally and globally. Our Miyako subtropical, Fuji, Isehara and Abashiri farms and Okutama Practice Forest and Marine Research are meant to fulfill our mission. In addition to the above statement, Tokyo NODAI closely works with more than 40 universities from 30 countries distributed on all continents to address global issues through partnerships.
Mission Statement Tokyo NODAI continues to challenge the new "Practical Science" for sustainable development of mankind and the earth through research and education on Food, Environment, Health and Natural Resources and Energy. Tokyo NODAI mission breaks down as follows:
●Taking over the fundamental principle, we challenge the cutting-edge in scientific fields, such as high technology, microbes and mystery of animate life by the new "Practical Science".
●Creation of well-balanced sustainable society based on the symbiosis of nature, environment and region.
●Fostering all-round individuals through integration of inductive approach (emphasis on experiment) and deductive approach (emphasis on creativity - using one's own brain).
Tokyo NODAI https://www.nodai.ac.jp/english/

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